Wind Damage: The Effects on Your Roof

windy fieldStorms are accompanied by a wide range of dangerous elements, but strong winds can be a factor in any time of storm at any time of year. To help you protect your roof from the effects of powerful storms, we guide you through the basics of wind damage here.

Wind does not blow over a surface evenly. Certain areas, such as the edges, are exposed to the initial force of the impact and experience a higher wind pressure. The center is shielded from this impact and experiences lower wind pressure. Not surprisingly, the edges of a roof are often the first to sustain damage due to the increased pressure they experience.

As the wind pressure presses down on certain areas of the roof material, the other areas are slightly lifted. When this lift is enough for wind to blow in underneath, the material will be blown away. Combating wind damage is best achieved through regular, periodic roof inspections by a trained roofing professional. It is also recommended to have your roof inspected after strong storms.

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