When Should I Replace My Shingles?

A Close Up View of Roof Shingles That Have Been Damaged By a Storm.

There Are a Few Reasons To Get Your Roof Shingles Replaced On Your Home.

Our roof shingles do a lot for us in terms of protection and comfort. They ensure we stay comfortable during the winter and summer months, as well as keep us protected against inclement weather and outside elements. Because of this, it’s important that when your roof is no longer performing as it should, it gets replaced right away. But when should roof shingles be replaced? Below are signs that you need shingle roof replacement service.

  • Older Roof: Typically, when our shingle roofs are 20 years or older, its time to consider getting a roof replacement. This is due to the fact that the roofing material can be worn out, plus there have been many advances in roofing in the last 20 years.
  • Neighbors Are Upgrading: Another sign that its time to replace your shingles is that all of your neighbors are getting new roofs. They could be getting new roofs for a lot of reasons–a big storm affected their roof, they want to add more curb appeal because they are selling their house, etc. It’s worth looking into if your neighbors are taking the plunge.
  • Shingle Issues: There are a ton of stuff that can happen to our shingles. Roof shingles can become cracked, they can buckle, or curl, and they can go missing from heavy winds or just bad installation work. Whatever the reason, a whole section of shingles that are missing or cracked is not a great sign for the health of your roofing system.

Just like you need a plumber to install tankless water heaters, you need a roofer to repair shingle roofing. If you have a shingle roof and need assistance, call Assurance Roofing at 502-228-7717 for residential roofing in Goshen and Louisville, KY.