What Does Roof Coating Do?

Roof coating has several advantages over roof replacement, including allowing the current roof to stay on the building.

Roof Coating vs. Replacement

If your roof is aging or needs extensive repairs, you’ll have to decide whether it’s best to apply a roof coating or opt for a roof replacement. In that decision you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons of both. A roof coating adds a protective layer over your existing roof to extend its life, while with a roof replacement you replace all or a portion of your roof with new roofing material. Here are lists with the pros and and cons of roof coating and replacement.

Roof coating vs. Replacement

Roof coating


  • Existing roof does not have to be removed
  • Usually lower cost than roof replacement
  • Can coat complex roof designs


  • Structural issues not addressed
  • Significant prep work may be involved
  • Installation affected by weather

Roof replacement


  • New roofs add years to your home or business facility
  • Can increase the building’s strength
  • Structural issues are addressed


  • Old roof has to be removed and disposed of
  • Roof replacement can disrupt everyday activities
  • Building can be exposed for significant amount of time

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Do roof coatings work?

In general roof coatings provide effective protection against water pooling, and wind and hail damage. Most also effectively protect your roof from harmful UV rays, reflecting the sun’s heat away from the roof, which helps cool your building. Roof coatings also effectively extend your roof’s lifespan.

At the same time, not all roof coatings are created equally. Some brands, often sold in home improvement stores, are usually just effective against sunlight and provide little or no waterproofing protection.

When Assurance Roofing applies roof coating, we use only top-quality products, so you can be rest assured your roof is fully protected.

How much does roof coating cost?

Roof coating costs will vary according to the type of roof you have, the type of sealant used and your roof’s condition. But on average nationally roof coatings cost about $940, with a range of about $360 to $1,500. Common roof coatings like silicone roof coatings are generally more expensive than acrylic, although silicone coatings are some of the more durable of coatings. Recent innovations like polyurea tend to run a little higher per square foot than other coatings.

Does roof coating stop leaks?

While roof coatings have waterproofing qualities once they are applied, if leaks exist before the coating is applied, the leaks need to be repaired. In some cases, pinhole leaks, which are not visible to the naked eye, will be sealed by the coating.

Roof coating to stop leaks

In some cases, roof coatings can be used to repair leaks and other damage to your roof. Some elastomeric and polyurea roof coatings can be used as sealants. But, for the most part, as above, any leaks present before the coating is applied should be repaired before application.

What is the best elastomeric roof coating?

Elastomeric roof coatings are basically elastic roof coatings that can be applied to a variety of roof types. The best elastomeric roof coating to use will depend on the type of roof being coated. These coatings are best, however, on commercial and industrial buildings and can be used on metal, concrete, bitumen or modified bitumen roofs, as well as BUR and EPDM roofs. When judging elastomeric roof coatings, you’ll be concerned with the coating’s elasticity, it’s tensile strength and the perm factor, which measures how well moisture vapor passes through the coating. Other traits to consider are the coating’s moisture gain by weight, which measures the ability to absorb and repel water, as well as its peel adhesion, which measure the ability of  the coating to remain adhered in severe conditions. You also want to consider its tear resistance and reflectivity.

Darker roof coatings will not reflect sunlight as efficiently as light or white roof coatings.

What is the best reflective roof coating?

Reflective coatings are either white or come in darker colors and the color will make all the difference when it comes to energy savings. White coatings are by far the most reflective and reflect anywhere between 50% to 90% of sunlight and heat, which is particularly effective for warmer climates. Color coatings will reduce reflectivity by 15% to 35%, which may be ideal for cooler climates.

When you are considering energy efficiency, you should also make sure your heating and cooling system is working properly. Central air conditioner repair is a key factor in an efficient heating and cooling system.

Roof coating companies

While there are plenty of roof coating companies in the area, Assurance Roofing brings to the table top-quality professional service with our roof coating services. Roof coating is one of our specialties. We offer multiple options for roof coatings, including white roof coatings.

Roof coating estimate

On average you can expect to pay about $940 for a roof coating application. These prices will vary depending on the condition of the roof, its size and the type of roof coating used.

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