The Importance of a Roof Inspection

A Checkup for Your Roof

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If you own a car, you likely know you should never go without changing the oil and having the car looked over by a mechanic on a regular basis. Most of us also make it a priority to ensure our children have frequent checkups with the doctor. All of these preventative measures exist to ensure a problem does not become large before receiving attention.

The same can be said for your roof. A roof inspection should be part of your annual or bi-annual routine. This checkup for your roof is critical to ensuring the longevity of the system. The following all confirms the importance of a roof inspection:

  • Find things early on: When a qualified roofer inspects your roof BEFORE you have detected damages, you can catch small problems early on. For example, if you find a leak while it is small you won’t face many repairs. But if you let a leak go, you could damage the integrity of your entire structure.
  • Take care of the basics: Most roofing systems have basic maintenance needs. During an inspection a roofer can keep up with these maintenance needs. Talk to one of our roofers to discover what maintenance requirements your specific roof has.
  • Catch mistakes: Sometimes during a roof inspection we are able to catch mistakes that may have happened years ago. If you had a poor installation initially, we can work on fixing the problems this created. Or if the person installing your satellite dish damaged part of your roof, we will let you know immediately, instead of discovering this years down the road when it is too late to resolve.
  • Clear debris: During inclement weather, and even just during the changing seasons, debris can easily buildup on your roofing system. When a roofer inspects your roof, they can also clear the debris on your roof. This can save you from damages down the road.

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