Solar Roofing: Next Generation Energy Efficiency

solar roofing tilesThe future is here, and it’s bringing energy efficiency to a whole new level! Solar roofing is moving up in the ranks of roofing systems due to its practicality, durability, and curb appeal. While drawing solar energy from roofs is not a new concept, successfully embedding solar cells in common roofing applications is, and the results are encouraging. Solar technology is more affordable with every passing day, and while many cities, states, and the Federal Government are offering tax cuts and incentives for installing solar technology, there has never been a better time to transition to solar roofing.

Solar Roofing Advantagessolar roofing on house

Photovoltaic cells are at the heart of every solar system. These cells take in solar energy and convert it to electricity to power your home or commercial building. Many systems are created to be linked with your existing electric system so that any excess energy created by the cells can be sent back to your electric company. Solar roofing systems are available in tiles, shingles, and panels to fit any stylistic taste.

When many people imagine energy efficiency, they picture shiny appliances with huge price tags. Solar roofing technology has become more and more affordable in recent years, and is a lasting, reliable investment for your home or commercial building. Call our professionals today at 502-228-7717 to discuss your options for solar panel roofing!