Signs Of Siding Damage

Depending on what type of siding your home has, you will need to replace or repair your home’s siding at some point. Wood is most prone to damage, while vinyl can last 20 to 40 years. Bricks and stone will last much longer, as long as they are properly maintained. Here are some signs of siding damage to watch out for.

Increased Energy Bills

signs of siding damageHas your heating or cooling bill skyrocketed lately? If there are no discernible problems with your HVAC system or roof, the culprit could be your home’s siding or insulation. If water has damaged either of these, you may be losing a lot of heat through the walls of your house. Contact a professional to take a look and make sure you aren’t wasting energy and losing money.

Mold Or Fungus

A little mold or fungus growing on your siding is not always a problem. However, it can indicate that moisture is getting trapped. Take a closer look after cleaning it away to see if your have any water damage or moisture getting into your home.

Dry Rot

While water is one of the biggest threats to your siding’s integrity and lifespan, dry rot can also cause serious problems. If you have wood siding on your home, check regularly for dry rot by tapping the handle of a screwdriver or similar tool against your siding. Dry rot begins beneath the surface, so it is easy to overlook. If you find any dry rot, have your siding replaced immediately to prevent further damage.

Obvious Damage

Other signs of damage include holes, cracks, bubbles, tears, reeling, warped siding, and other obvious problems. If you see any of these signs of siding damage, call a professional to inspect your home. If you problem is serious or your siding is very old, your home may need to be re-sided.

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