GacoFlex Roofing Installation

GacoFlex coating before and after

Before and After: Application of a GacoFlex coating

As a leading brand in the roof coating industry, Gaco provides a high-quality roof coating system that works well for nearly all flat roofing types. Our roofing experts at Assurance Roofing highly recommend their GacoFlex Roofing products. GacoFlex Roofing is a silicone elastomeric coating that can be applied over your existing roofing system. The beauty of this system is that it allows you to re-cover your compromised roof system, rather than removing it and installing a new roof entirely.

If your commercial roof is beginning to show signs of age, water pooling, or just plain wear and tear, a Gaco coating may be the perfect money saving option for you!

Why coat your roof with Gaco rather than replace your roof?

  • Save Time: Roof coatings can be applied over almost any roofing surface, and can solve problems in a fraction of the time of a complete roof removal and installation.
  • Save Money: Applying a roof coating saves you the costs of complete removal and installation.
  • Save the Environment: Roof removal generates large amounts of waste, when often, a simple roof coating is sufficient for your needs.
  • Save Energy: By providing added insulation for your building, roof coatings improve your energy usage.

GacoFlex Roofing Application

If GacoFlex sounds like the right option for your business, give us a call today for your free estimate! Our expert roofers will inspect your roof to determine if GacoFlex will be an effective solution for your roofing needs, and then discuss your options with you. As always, we offer each of our clients an upfront estimate of costs and installation time. For any leaks, tears, punctures, or signs of age, a GacoFlex coating may be the perfect solution for your business needs. Call Assurance Roofing today at (502) 228-7717 for all of your Goshen and Louisville, KY commercial roofing needs!