The Pros and Cons of a Metal Roof

metal roof

A metal roof provides decades of durability, but at a higher price than other materials.

A roof represents a huge investment. If you are in the market for a new roof, you’ll want to weigh all of your options carefully. Before you decide on roofing material, ask yourself what’s more important: form or functionality. One popular option, a metal roof, rates high in both regards. Despite the appeal of metal’s obvious durability, the material does have some drawbacks. Below you’ll find a consideration of a couple pros and cons.

Metal Roof Benefits

Durability: If installed properly, a metal roof can last as long as your home. Metals roofs have a high resistance to winds and storms, and suffer none of the damages associated with rot or mildew. Warranties can vary, but most companies will guarantee a metal roof for two to five decades.

Easy Install: Unlike asphalt shingles or tile, metal roofs can get installed very quickly. The reason for this is due to their manufacture in large panels. If you just lost your roof to storm damage, a shorter install process provides an obvious upside.

Metal Roof Drawbacks

Noise: A metal roof will reverberate with sound, especially throughout a heavy storm. While this may sound soothing to many people, to others it can serve as a major distraction from sleep. Fortunately, reputable installers can lessen this drawback with insulation and other techniques.

Cost: For many homeowners, the cost of initial investment provides the largest deterrent to metal roofs. With a price comparable to other premium materials, metal roofing can dissuade those in the market for a budget solution. The payoff to metal comes from its durability, however, which can save you plenty of money over the life of the roof.

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