Chimney Repair

New chimney on a tiled roofOn a cold winter day there’s nothing more cozy than snuggling up around a toasty fire in your fireplace! But if your chimney isn’t in good repair than a roaring fire can turn into a huge disaster! At Assurance Roofing we want to keep your chimney functioning perfectly so that you can enjoy your fireplace without worry. That’s why we specialize in quality chimney repair.

The chimney of your home is not only part of your fireplace system but also part of your roof. If your chimney isn’t in working order it can be hazardous to your family, home, and roof structure. A leaking or malfunctioning chimney can mean trouble for your family. If your chimney isn’t in perfect working order, your family could be at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or house fires.

Your Louisville, KY Chimney Repair Experts

At Assurance Roofing, we’re so much more than just a roofing company, we’re also your chimney repair and home renovations company. The structure of your chimney is a part of your roof, but it can be so much more important. While your roofing structure is important, the health of your chimney can prevent fires, smoke damage to your home and roof, and even death.

The licensed and certified roofing experts at Assured Roofing can address the following chimney and masonry issues:

Chimney Cap Repair: Over time your chimney cap will eventually deteriorate and lead to damage from moisture and debris.

Chimney Rebuilds: Restore your chimney back to perfect, working condition.

Spalled Bricks: Spalled bricks happen when bricks freeze and thaw. This freezing and thawing cycle leads to flaking and destruction. Our expert team can replace or repair spalled bricks.

If you have a chimney, you will eventually need repair or maintenance services. After a certain amount of time, the heat and smoke from your chimney will lead to damage to your chimney cap and masonry.

If you’re looking for quality Chimney Repair in Louisville, KY call (502) 228-7717 and let the experts at Assurance Roofing keep you warm, cozy, and safe.