Insulation: Your BFF in the Summer Months

InsulationDuring the warm summer months in Kentucky, your air conditioning is working hard, but it can only do so much. Having proper insulation to seal and provide relief to your home can go a long way in making the cool air blowing in actually feel like it’s reducing the indoor temperatures.

Your roof takes a lot of heat–literally–in warmer months, and if your home is not equipped with proper insulation, that heat will translate to reduced comfort indoors. By properly sealing and insulating your home’s walls, attic, doors, and windows, you can waste less of that cooled air that you’re paying a pretty penny for, and even naturally provide more of a barrier between your family and the humid temps outside. 

Benefits of Home Insulation:

  • Improved humidity control
  • Less pollutants–such as dust, inspects, and pollen–entering your home
  • Reduced instances of ice dams in snowy conditions
  • Reduced noise from outdoors / less noise pollution
  • Utility bills are lowered

Energy Star estimates that all the holes and gaps in an average home would equate to the energy loss of having a window open every day of the year!

Don’t spend another summer dealing with warm interiors and increased energy bills. Let’s our team of experienced roofing and insulation professionals evaluate your home and talk about your insulation options. With choices like blown-in, spray, and traditional batts, we can customize a solution that will provide the greatest impact for your family, and help you get through the summer without breaking a sweat!

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