How Wintry Weather Can Affect Your Roof

wintry barnSnowfall can be one of the most magical weather phenomena, especially as a child and even as an adult. But in time, we begin to recognize that winter weather can present distinct dangers and hazards to our property and lives. Downed powerlines and glassy walkways are some of the most dreaded effects of snow and ice, but a lesser discussed damage is how this weather can damage our roofs and homes. Here we overview how snow can damage a roof.

The weight of snow on a roof can have dangerous effects. While roofs are designed to support a certain amount of weight, exceeding this limit makes the possibility of damage or collapse increasingly likely. Generally this affects older or poorly maintained roofs, but any roof can suffer damage under the right circumstances.

The runoff water from melting snow can also present an issue. Melting snow encounters what is called an “ice dam.” Ice prevents the runoff water from draining properly, so this water seeks alternate routes to drain. The areas around vents and flashing and weak spots on your roof can be the first to succumb to pooled up runoff water.

Professional maintenance and regular inspections are a surefire way to combat the negative effects of winter weather damage. To help keep your roof secure all year round, our team is on call to furnish the highest quality roof repairs. Call us today at (502) 314-0818 for roofing maintenance, repairs, and replacement!