How To Choose Your New Roof

shaking hand with contractor The roofers from Assurance Roofing know that choosing a new roof can be a difficult process, particularly for someone who has never bought a new roof before. This is why our roofers have gotten together and compiled these helpful tips for how to choose your new roof.

Every home is different, and this means that each roofing project will vary. Because roofing projects vary, we recommend that any homeowner considering installing a new roof discuss their options with a licensed roofer. Having a brief conversation with a professional roofing contractor can provide the insight that homeowners need to make their final decision regarding roofing products and materials.

A few of the things that you may want to ask your roofer about is the cost of the project, any potential limitations due to local building codes and how long the roof should last under normal circumstances.

Understanding Roof Costs

Two ways to express the cost of installing a new roof include the cost of material and labor per 100 square feet and the cost per year over the projected lifetime of your roof. Prices for a new roof will depend on the products and materials you choose to install, local labor costs and the difficulty of the project.

Our roofers recommend comparing the products you are considering using these terms to better understand the cost of your roof. A better understanding of the cost of your roof will help you be more comfortable with your final decision.

A Quick Overview of Warranties

When installing a new roof, you may typically purchase two warranties, one provided by the manufacturer and one provided by the roofing contractor. The warranty provided by the manufacturer generally only covers defects in the product and the warranty provided by the roofer typically only includes incorrect installation practices.