Do Houses Need Gutters?

Gutters and a Downspout On the Corner of a Roof

Depending On the Climate of Your City and State Will Determine If You Need Gutters.

If you are in the process of buying a home or you have a home that doesn’t have gutters, you might be wondering if your home needs gutters. In all honesty, it is all going to depend on the type of climate that you live in. Some areas of the United States are a lot less wet than other areas, so if you live in a state or city that has tons of rain, it is probably best that you invest in gutters for your home. For example, if you lived in an area like Seattle, WA, you would want to have gutters for your home; if you live in Phoenix, AZ, gutters might not be at the type of the list of things to add to your roofing system. While climate is an important part in determining whether you need gutters, you must also think about how rain affects your home. Does your home suffer from excess moisture when it rains? Is the soil around the foundation of your home affecting your foundation? A gutter system can help reduce moisture, as well as water that can damage your foundation and get into your basement or crawlspace. Even if it doesn’t rain a whole lot, it is something you should consider as paying for gutters is way cheaper than repairing the foundation of your home.

For people who have never had gutters on there home and think it’s a good investment, there usually have a lot of questions. The most common questions that a homeowner will typically ask are, “Are gutters expensive?” and “How long do gutters last?” These are good questions, as it’s important to know how your investment will be and how long is it going to protect your roof. In terms of cost for gutters, it’s all going to depend on the type of material that you choose. The most common gutter materials that are used are

  • aluminum
  • copper
  • steel
  • vinyl

Vinyl gutters are going to be the least expensive out of the bunch, whereas copper will be the most expensive. You are looking at spending at least $5 per part with vinyl gutters and around $40 when you choose copper.

When it comes to how long gutters are going to last, again the material is the determiner. The cost of vinyl is good, but the lifespan is going to last a little less. If you choose vinyl gutters for your home, they will usually last a good 20 years. With aluminum and steel, you can also get 20 years of this type of gutter on your home. Steel, on the other hand, while more expensive than all the rest, can last up to 50 years when it is properly maintained. When making the decision on what type of gutter material you want, you have to decide if you want to pay less up front and have them not last as long, or pay a lot up front and have them last for a long time.

What Kind of Gutters Are Best?

A House with New Aluminum Seamless Gutters

Vinyl, K Style, and Seamless Gutters Are Some of the Things To Choose From When Deciding On the Type of Gutters You Need.

When considering what kind of gutters are best, there are many factors that you have to consider. They come in different materials, styles, colors, sizes, and constructions, so while you have a ton of options, it can be hard to figure out which one to choose for your home. We’ve already discussed different types of gutter materials which include vinyl, steel, copper, aluminum, and even zinc. Out of all of them, copper is going to be the most expensive but last the longest, whereas vinyl is the least expensive but won’t last as long. It’s important to really think about what you want to invest in, the cost of the material and installation or how long it’s going to last on your home. The next thing you should think about is what style of gutter you want.

There are a couple of styles you can choose from, which include K style, half-round gutters, and European gutters. K style gutters are probably the most popular out of all of them, simply because they have a decorative design on the front that gives it the appearance of crown molding. The bottoms and backs of K style gutters are usually flat and they can come in a wide variety of designs. half-round gutters are gutters that are in the shape of a tube, but instead of forming a whole tube, it’s only half-round, which gives its name. They are usually installed under the gutter instead of on the fascia. Then there are the European gutters, which are also half-round, but instead of having the gutter bead on the outside instead of the inside; more often than not European gutters are made of copper. So which one should you choose? K style is going to hold more water than half-round but is going to cost more, and typically European gutters are used on historic homes. All in all, it’s going to depend on your aesthetic, the cost, and how long they last.

Now another important thing to decide when contemplating what types of gutters to get is the construction. This might not seem like a big deal, but knowing what kind of gutter constructions can help you make the best decision. Most commonly, there are two kinds of gutter constructions, sectional gutters or seamless gutters. Sectional gutters are more straightforward, as the parts of the gutters come in sections, but what does seamless gutters mean? Seamless rain gutters are gutters that are in one, long piece. So are Seamless Gutters really seamless? The answer is, not really. While seamless gutters can be built in one long piece, there are still might be end caps and corner miters to consider. However, while seamless gutters aren’t totally seamless, roofers can install corner pieces or use sealant to form a seal on areas that aren’t seamless. This will be good in order to prevent your gutter from leaking. So what gutters are best? It’s all going to depend on how much you want to spend, what style you want, and the type of construction you think would work best.

How To Install Seamless Gutters

While you can choose between sectional and seamless gutters, seamless gutters tend to be the more popular of the two. This is because, while the gutter isn’t totally seamless, it still has less than a sectional gutter, and will most likely not have any problems with leaks. If you are wanting to install quality seamless gutters, you are going to have to have the right tools and materials. One of the things you should think about are the colors of seamless gutters. But what colors do seamless gutters come in? They come in

  • white
  • brown tones
  • greys
  • blues
  • greens
  • reds
A Man Attaching Aluminum Gutters To Fascia

Installing Seamless Gutters Requires the Right Tools and Materials.

You will want to choose a color that is going to match the aesthetic of your home. Before you go and buy your seamless gutter, you will want to know what size you need. This will require you to measure the length of the roof where the gutter is going to be installed. If you are adding a gutter for the first time to your home, you will need to also install fascia. The roof fascia is a board underneath the edge of the roof and will be needed so your gutters have a place to go. Once the fascia has been installed, you can then install your gutters. Because seamless gutters are one long piece, this will be a two or more person job. You will need to see if the size is okay and once it is installed, you can using sealing to seal the areas that have a seam. If you don’t require a downspout for your roofing system’s gutters, you can use down caps to prevent leaking. 

Leak detection is an important service for gutters, so as part of your gutter maintenance, ensure that your roofer is also checking for leaks. If you are in the market for seamless gutters in Goshen and Louisville, KY but don’t want to install them yourself, please call Assurance Roofing at 502-228-7717!