Gutter Guide

Maintaining the gutters on your roof is crucial to ensuring a healthy foundation and roof siding. Unfortunately, cleaning the gutters can fall by the wayside and cause damage that could have been prevented. Knowing when your gutter is clogged and how to clean it can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs and damage. Below is an essential gutter guide that will help protect your gutters in the long run.

Gutter Guide

What Are Some Sign That My Gutters Are Clogged:

  1. Animals are nesting in your gutters.
  2. Water falls from the sides of the gutter.
  3. Gutters are collapsing from the weight of water and debris.
  4. Water is not flowing off the roof.
  5. There are leaves and debris in the gutters.

There are more signs that your gutters are clogged, but those are the five most common. If you notice any of those things, it is time to clean your gutters out.

How to Clean Roof Gutters

It’s advised that you clean your gutters twice a year. Here are the steps you take to cleaning out your gutters:

  1. Wear gloves to protect your hands. You can also wear protective goggles and a face mask if you like.
  2. Use a sturdy ladder.
  3. Remove the gutter covers.
  4. You can either use your hands (if you’re wearing gloves) or a tool to scoop out the debris.
  5. Cleanse the gutters and make sure the water flows down the gutters.
  6. Make sure the spout isn’t clogged.

After all these steps, your gutters should be unclogged.

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