Do You Have a Plumbing or Roofing Leak?

If you live in a multi-story building or home, it can be difficult to decipher if that ceiling leak is from a leaking roof or burst plumbing pipe. Both repair jobs require very different sets of skills, so it is important to identify what type of leak it is so you can hire the proper contractor for the repair job. Here, we will help you distinguish whether you need to call for a plumber or roofer. If the ceiling leak is from a leaking roof in Goshen and Louisville, KY, call Assurance Roofing at 502-228-7717 to patch it up.

How To Spot the Difference Between a Plumbing and Roof Leak

If you notice mold or wet areas in your attic, that is from a hole in the roof, and you will need roof leak repair. If there has been torrential downpour recently, your roof might not have been able to handle the weight and battering, and a hole developed. A plumbing leak can be identified by spiking water bills, or hearing running water behind your walls when not in use.

If Your Ceiling Looks Like This, It Could Be Due To A Leaking Roof

What is Causing that Ceiling Leak?

Outside damage from hail, animals, or old age could have created a hole in your roof, allowing water to get inside every time it rains. If you have a flat roof commonly seen on commercial buildings, water has nowhere to drain and pools, becoming too heavy that it breaks and leaks through the roofing material to inside the building. If you live in a multi-family complex and are on a lower level, you probably don’t have to worry about that ceiling leak being caused by a leaking roof. It is most likely from plumbing leak happening on the story above you, and the water is dripping down onto your level.

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If that leak was from a burst plumbing pipe and you never got it fixed or found the source of the leak, then structural damage will occur from the water buildup. Then you will require a roofer to repair your foundation and roof as mold, warped walls, and other structural issues will happen from all the water. If you need leaking roof repair in Goshen and Louisville, KY, call us today at 502-228-7717.

3 Reasons Seamless Gutters are a Must

When it’s time to consider your home’s gutter system, you will find that you have a variety of material and style choices. Some gutter systems are constructed from vinyl and can provide extreme affordability but often require extensive maintenance and repair. Others are made from metal and offer a sturdier system. The standard gutter system is constructed from long pieces of gutter material that is connected, jointed, and sealed. While more costly than traditional gutter systems, seamless gutters provide impeccable protection and durability that last for years.

Find Out If Seamless Gutters Are Right for Your Home.

Seamless Gutters Provide Reinforced defense Against Clogs and Leaks.

Custom-Made, Every Time

Seamless gutters are known for being made right on-site, so your gutter system fits flawlessly to your home. Not only does this create unbeatable style and elegance to your home, but it also prevents break away from your fascia board.

Virtually Maintenance-Free

Since these systems have very few joints, they are much less likely to leak or clog. Leaves, dirt, and debris typically pass through the drains without problems while leaks are all but prevented with no seams to separate.

Extreme Durability

Seamless gutters are typically made from aluminum, but can also be made from copper or steel. Because of its strong metal construction, these gutters are almost completely impervious to sun or water damage, rot, mold, and mildew.

If you’re considering seamless gutters for your home, rely on the Assurance Roofing team for exceptional seamless gutter creation and installation that leaves you with a product you can be proud of. Call us today to schedule your consultation at (502) 228-7717.

4 Signs You Need Skylight Repair Service

There are so many things to love about having a skylight in your home. You can have a lot of natural lighting, you can still have the beauty of windows but with more privacy, and they can offer better energy efficiency. But like most things in our homes, we will need skylight repair eventually. Below are some signs that you need to get skylight repair service now.

The Skylight is Leaking

4 Signs You Need Skylight Repair Service

Find Out If You Need Skylight Repair!

The biggest indicator that you need repairs for your skylight is when you have leaks. The leaks can appear on the edges of the skylight or there can be leaks because of cracks in the skylight’s glass.

There Are Cracks in the Skylight

Cracks in the skylight can be due to a severe storm that has passed through or something fell on the skylight. With cracks comes leaks, so it’s important to have a cracked skylight fixed immediately.

The Skylight Has Some Discoloring

Usually, discoloring will appear around your skylight because leaks have left water damage in it’s place.

You Are Experiencing Excess Drafts in Your Home

Obviously, this could be due to other windows in your home, but our experts can take a look at your skylight and determine if there are any areas that aren’t sealed properly.

If you think you need skylight repair service in Goshen and Louisville, KY, please call the professionals at Assurance Roofing today! We also offer skylight installation service, so if you want to add another skylight in your home, you can reach us at 502-228-7717 to make an appointment.

Choosing The Right Roof

Choosing a roof for your home can be one of the bigger decisions of your life. This will ultimately be the top of your home and will keep you safe during rain, hail, and any storm that may happen over the next 20-70 years depending on the roofing material you choose. When you start your search into the great unknown of roofing, there are a few things to consider and pay attention to. Below, we have compiled a small list of where you can start when you are ready to get a new roof.

Where To Start

Price – This is going to be a big factor into what you are going to get. If you are on a strict budget, you may want to look at traditional shingles. They last for around 20 years and are the less expensive of the major roofing materials. The thing you have to remember is that this is an investment and in order for you to get a quality roof, you have to pay for it.

Longevity – If you plan on staying in your home for the long haul you probably want to invest in a roof that will last a little longer like metal shingles or if you are feeling really long term, slate is always a great option; lasting around 70-100 years.

Look – This is the most important part, how do you want your roof to look? This is what will make your break your final decision and you should think wisely about it. Wood has a very different look than metal and metal has a different look than shingles so it is all up to preference.

If you are looking to get a new roof, give Assurance Roofing a call at 502-228-7717 and let us help you decide.

How Roof Coatings Benefit a Commercial Roof

Roof coatings

Roof Coatings Are a Great Alternative to Full Replacement in Most Cases.

Your commercial roof is vital to keeping your building protected. When it wears down, you may think that replacement is the only avenue. However, you do have an alternative to this expensive service. Roof coating can restore and protect your roof, getting it back to its best with added benefits. What sort of benefits do they provide? Below are some of the reasons commercial business owners choose this service.

Advantages of Roof Coatings

  • Protects Your Roof From Leaks: When dealing with harsh storms, your roof can be damaged, allowing water to seep in and create leaks in your roof. With a roof coating, you get a second line of defense that can combat the weather. This prevents water and debris from damaging your roof as easily.
  • Extends Your Roof’s Life: Every roof has a certain life expectancy depending on the materials and construction. As roof coatings give your system an extra line of defense, your roofing materials can remain resilient for many years. This can lead to your roof lasting much longer than expected.
  • A Great Cool Roofing Choice: Depending on the type of coating you choose, your roof and building can get cool roofing benefits. The reflective surface of the roof coating bounces solar rays away from your property. This means your property will use less energy through air conditioning and remain cooler.

Call Today

Roof coatings are a great way to protect your commercial roofing. At Assurance Roofing, we apply roof coatings and will help you find the best coating for your needs. Call us today at 502-228-7717 for roof coating service in Goshen and Louisville, KY.

Why You Need a Roof Inspection

Your roof is the first line of defense against the weather outside. In order for it to remain strong and keep you safe, it has to be taken care of. Just like you go to the doctor to get a check-up, your roof needs the same thing. An inspection should be done once a year so that it can be looked over and made sure that nothing has gotten damaged or no shingles have fallen off completely. This may seem like a large expense, once a year, but if you get your roof looked over regularly, you are more likely to find damage before it gets worse. Sometimes damage gets so bad that you have to have a full roof replacement. In this case, a roof inspection would have just saved you thousands. Here are a few great reasons to get your roof inspected.


Peace of Mind – If you know that everything is good on top of your house, you will have one less thing to worry about. If there is a major storm that happens and you see that other people’s roofs have gotten damaged, it is possible that yours did as well. This would be a great opportunity to make sure that your roof is looked at from an inspection.


Warranty – When you get a new roof, they often come with a warranty. The stipulation though is that if you don’t have your roof inspected once a year, your warranty is voided. This is a great way to make sure you are up to date on that and a quick inspection will end up saving you money in the long run.

If you need to have a roof inspection, call Assurance Roofing at 502-228-7717 and let us help you get someone to you right away.

What Snow or Ice Can Do to Your Roof

Ice or Snow

Icicles Are Pretty, but They Can Be Very Dangerous to Have Around.

It is cold again and as pretty as the snow or ice can be, it can also cause some serious issues for your roof. When It gets really cold and then warms up, and then gets cold again it can cause icicles to form on your roof. These are dangerous for several reasons. They can fall onto someone and hurt them very badly, or it can be a sign that something is wrong with your roof; either way, not good.


What Happens

When icicles form, it is often time because there is a clog in the gutter, and water or melted snow has begun to build up. The problem with this is that when the water starts to melt, it can get underneath your shingles because snow had been sitting on your roof, and can start to cause major problems. When water gets under your shingles, it can cause mold and damage that could require you to have to replace certain parts of your roof. If the water seeps into your home, it can cause water damage to your walls which can be very costly.

When your gutters fill up with snow or ice, it is important that you clear them out. When the water freezes, you get ice stuck in your gutters which will need to be removed right away before it cause major damage. If it is still freezing outside, this will require you to hook a hose up to your kitchen sink, climb up on a ladder, and try to defrost the ice out of the gutter. Or you could call out a professional so that you can avoid all of that dangerous work.

Winter can be a brutal time for your roof, make sure that you are paying attention to the snow or ice that accumulates on your roof this winter. If you are ever worried or unsure, give us a call at 502-228-7717 and we will be happy to come out and take a look for you.

Recognizing Early Signs Of A Roof Leak

Regardless of whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, there are a lot of responsibilities you need o keep in mind when it comes to maintaining your structure. Among your responsibilities is caring for your roof, and as with anything that can be damaged, the sooner you repair something, the less money and time you will need to spend on it. That’s why today we will discuss the various ways you can spot a roof leak early on, so that you can call for repairs ASAP.

Residential Roof Leaks

Roof Leak

If you have a traditional residential shingle roof, it can be pretty easy to spot potential leaking areas before they become too problematic, if you know what to look for. With a simple walk around your home while looking up, you should be able to spot any obvious red flags. Search for missing, broken, or crooked shingles first and foremost. Also keep an eye out for shingles that appear shiny, as if some of the granules have fallen off, and keep an eye out for any asphalt granules that may have fallen to the ground. If you see any areas where leaves or branches are sitting on your roof, those areas have the potential to leak as well.

Commercial Roof Leaks

Commercial roofs are a bit harder to see from the ground, particularly is you have a flat roof. In this case, you’ll have to go up there to see the roof, but you don’t have to do any walking around when you get up there. Simply scan for signs of trash or debris that may have been blown up there, and any puddles of water. Also, any areas that seem to be damp could also be problem areas.

If you notice any signs of potential roof leaks, don’t hesitate to call our team at (502) 228-7717 for fast and affordable roof repairs in Louisville, KY!

The Advantages of Installing Exterior Siding To Your Home

The Advantages of Installing Exterior Siding To Your Home

Learn About the Advantages of Installing Exterior Siding To Your Home.

One of the first things that people notice about your home is the outside walls. Not only is the look of your home’s exterior walls important, but the level of protection they provide is important, as well. If you are looking for aesthetic pleasing and durable materials for your home’s outside walls, consider exterior siding. In addition to being pretty and sturdy, there are other advantages of installing exterior siding to your home.

Energy Efficiency

We all want our homes to be cool in the summer and warm in the water and a great way to achieve this is with siding. It is a wonderful way to ensure your home is well insulated.

Improved Value

Siding is known for its quality and durability, so it will increase the value of your home. If you are thinking about moving or know you will move eventually, it’s worth investing in.

Low Maintenance

Materials like vinyl make for a very low maintenance siding material. It is resistant to wind and impact so you aren’t likely having to do a lot of maintenance work.

Money Saver

Because you are spending less on maintenance and energy bills, you will be saving more money. The cost of installation is basically back in your pocket from the money that you will save.

Very Versatile

One of the biggest benefits of siding is how it looks. With siding, you are able to choose from different color, textures, and designs.

Call Assurance Roofing today at (502) 228-7717 if you want siding in Louisville, KY for your home.

3 Advantages of Flat Roofs

Covered Flat Roof

For homes and businesses in Louisville, KY, sloped roofs might be the most common, but flat roofs are quickly becoming one of the most popular. There are several benefits to enjoy from flat roofing that cannot be replicated with sloped structures. Assurance Roofing offers flat roof installation in Louisville. If you are still deciding whether or not to invest in a flat roof, check out the advantages below:

Energy Efficiency

Due to insulation techniques, flat roofs are considered more energy efficient than their sloped counterparts. To get a little technical, flat structures typically have the same R-value throughout every area. This quality is in contrast to sloped structures which commonly use a system known as cavity insulation, which can create gaps in coverage and promote inconsistent R-value.

Maintenance Convenience

On a more practical level, flat roofs are easier to clean and inspect than their alternatives. Not only is the top more easily accessible than normal, but cleaning debris off of it is as straightforward as can be. Though wear and tear will happen on any exterior, having a simple path to correcting it certainly avoids stressful situations moving forward.

Wind Resistance

One significant element to a flat roof is its resistance to wind. Sloped roofs take a more direct hit from winds since they are directly in the path. This can cause displaced shingles and eventually water leaks depending on severity and frequency. In contrast, flat roofs avoid that direct hit and therefore are protected against many of the most common wind damages. Call (502) 228-7717 to further discuss advantages of flat roofs in Louisville, KY.