The Benefits of Hiring a Master Shingle Applicator

When researching the best roofing contractors in your area, there are many distinctions and buzzwords that you may see. It can be tricky to decipher what they all mean and whether they really matter to you. For example, when you see a badge for the Better Business Bureau, does that mean that this contractor is better than others? Should they get my business over a company that is not rated with BBB?

The answer to that depends on what matters most to you as a consumer. Do you like having an unbiased third-party vouch for a business you’re working with? If so, a BBB rating and badge could be key. Are customers reviews the most important factor for you? You may be more inclined to respond favorably to an Angie’s List or Home Advisor distinction.

When it comes to trade distinctions, it’s wise to consider what it takes to receive a given Benefits of Hiring a Master Shingle Applicatorcertification, licensure, or title. For roofing, the distinction of Master Shingle Applicator can speak volumes in terms of the training received by that roofing contractor or company. Roofing manufacturers that stand behind a training or certification curriculum are essentially vouching for the roofers who successfully graduate from their programs. Not only can this give you as a consumer and homeowner peace of mind, but there are some additional benefits to consider.

What Master Shingle Applicator Means for You

  • Better service on the front end given exposure to best practices for estimating, material ordering, flashing installation, ventilation, application, and more
  • Insider trade knowledge that can represent decades of experience and expertise
  • Service is delivered according to industry standards as set forth by an industry leader (manufacturer)
  • Warranty compliance is secured because you’re using an approved contractor, so to speak, who is authorized to correctly and professionally install the materials
  • You’ll get access to premium materials as some manufacturers will only allow their products (or a certain line of their product offerings) to be purchased and installed by recognized roofers

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