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4 Signs Your Chimney Needs Repairs

4 Signs Your Chimney Needs Repairs

These Are The Signs Your Chimney Needs Repairs.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell just by looking at our chimney if it’s in bad condition.It’s something we accidentally ignore, assuming our chimney is always structurally sound. However, like a lot of home features, they can become worn and need repairs. But how can a homeowner determine if their chimney needs repairs? Below are seven signs your chimney needs repairs.

Rusted Areas

There should never, ever be rust on your chimney’s damper or firebox, but this is one of the signs your chimney needs repairs. Rust on the damper or firebox indicates there is too much moisture in your chimney.

Mortar Joints Are Damaged

The mortar joints can be located between the chimney masonry and can spell trouble if they are damaged. When the mortar joints have damaged, it can make the brick on the chimney more susceptible to moisture, which in turn can cause a lot of harm to the entire chimney.

Spalling Brick Issues

If you see fragments of the chimney masonry fall off the chimney, this is one of the signs your chimney needs repairs. When bits and pieces of masonry come of the chimney, this is called spalling. Spalling takes places when water penetrates into brick or other chimney material and causes the mortar to break apart.

Damage to the Chimney Crown

A chimney crown is a fundamental component of a chimney, ensuring that outside elements don’t enter the chimney. When a chimney crown becomes damaged due to cracking, water can get in, causing moisture inside the chimney.

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The Benefits of Shingle Roofing For Your Residential Home

The Benefits of Shingle Roofing For Your Residential Home

Know What The Benefits Of Shingle Roofing Are Before Purchasing.

Are you in the market for a new roof for your home? One of the best roofing materials that a homeowner can invest in is shingle roofing. There are many benefits to shingle roofing, making it a great choice if you need a roof replacement or installation. So what are the advantages of a shingle roof? Below are the benefits of shingle roofing for your residential home.


One of the biggest benefits of shingle roofing is how affordable it is. A lot of roofing materials like metal or tile can be expensive to buy, whereas shingles are very inexpensive.

Easy Installation

A lot of roofing materials require a specialized roofer to come out and install metal or slate tile, but because shingles are so lightweight, they are very easy to install.

Wide Variety

While affordability and easy installation are great, one of the nicest and biggest benefits of shingle roofing is the variety of colors and styles. If you want a blue roof or a different shape shingle, you are able to achieve that with shingle roofs.

Low Maintenance

This is a huge advantage to any home owner. Having a roofing material that requires little maintenance is great, and homeowners are able to get that with shingle roofing.


Shingle roofing has a pretty good lifespan for a roof, lasting up from 20 to 25 years.


Another one of the benefits of shingle roofing that is great is that it’s versatile. It can be adapted to different shapes, different angles, and different forms.

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How to Keep Your Skylights Sparkling

skylight installation

Keep your skylights clean with these helpful tips!

Skylights are a great addition to any home thanks to a variety of reasons. The typical skylight, strategically place, will allow you to forgo using your electricity for lighting during the day, which saves you a good deal on your energy bill. Additionally, the appeal of natural light just can’t be beat by typical indoor lighting options. However, as any homeowner with skylights can tell you, nothing is more embarrassing than looking up and noticing a filthy, leaf-clogged skylight! Yuck! Today, we’ll give you a few pro tips to help you keep your skylights sparkling clean!

Prep The Areas:

Before climbing on up there, be sure to clear out any furniture or rugs that are underneath the skylight. Lay down some absorbent towels to catch any water that may fall to the floor. If possible, purchase a squeegee that is specifically made for cleaning skylights. Mix a solution of 1 gallon of water, 1/4 cup of ammonia, and a bit of dish soap in a bucket. Last but not least, choose a sturdy ladder, and put it in position.

Time To Clean!

If your skylight has a screen, you will need to remove it, and any debris caught in it. We recommend that you clean the inside of the skylight first. With your soap solution, and a mop or hand towel, rub the mixture onto the skylight until clear. Dry with the squeegee to avoid streaks. After carefully climbing onto the roof, repeat this process on the other side of the glass.

If you are in need of quality skylight repair or replacement in Louisville, KY, call Assurance Roofing today at (502) 228-7717. We offer a variety of professional roofing services, and we are dedicated to providing quality, reliable work to our community!


The Pros and Cons of a Metal Roof

metal roof

A metal roof provides decades of durability, but at a higher price than other materials.

A roof represents a huge investment. If you are in the market for a new roof, you’ll want to weigh all of your options carefully. Before you decide on roofing material, ask yourself what’s more important: form or functionality. One popular option, a metal roof, rates high in both regards. Despite the appeal of metal’s obvious durability, the material does have some drawbacks. Below you’ll find a consideration of a couple pros and cons.

Metal Roof Benefits

Durability: If installed properly, a metal roof can last as long as your home. Metals roofs have a high resistance to winds and storms, and suffer none of the damages associated with rot or mildew. Warranties can vary, but most companies will guarantee a metal roof for two to five decades.

Easy Install: Unlike asphalt shingles or tile, metal roofs can get installed very quickly. The reason for this is due to their manufacture in large panels. If you just lost your roof to storm damage, a shorter install process provides an obvious upside.

Metal Roof Drawbacks

Noise: A metal roof will reverberate with sound, especially throughout a heavy storm. While this may sound soothing to many people, to others it can serve as a major distraction from sleep. Fortunately, reputable installers can lessen this drawback with insulation and other techniques.

Cost: For many homeowners, the cost of initial investment provides the largest deterrent to metal roofs. With a price comparable to other premium materials, metal roofing can dissuade those in the market for a budget solution. The payoff to metal comes from its durability, however, which can save you plenty of money over the life of the roof.

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Signs You Need To Replace Your Shingles


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Your roof is your lifeline of your commercial or residential space – with a damaged roof, you are putting those in your building at risk. A roof that is properly maintained and repaired once damages occur outlasts those who only seek repairs once there is a serious problem.

However, there are some warning signs when it comes to replacing your shingles on your roof that may not be very noticeable at first:

  • Curling edges
  • Chipped or curved edges
  • Cracking shingles
  • Any thinning or loose shingles that are in danger of coming out
  • Dark streaks or moss forming
  • Daylight coming in through the roof boards (you will notice the roof feeling like a trampoline, signaling weak shingles that need replacing)

Proper inspection and maintenance on your commercial or residential roof is important for its lifespan. Failing shingles that go well beyond their life expectancy will start to curl, crumble, and eventually break loose from the roof, adding the risk of water damage, physical damage or anything getting into the underlying membrane that could lead to a full-on replacement.

Another great tip is to look in your gutters to see whether they contain shingle granules. Roofs tend to lose more granules toward the end of their life cycle, and inconsistent or darker color on some parts of the roof is another sign the granules have worn away and are needing immediate repair and a shingle replacement.

Don’t let a few bad shingles turn into a bigger problem, let Assured Roofing help you in the Denver, CO area. Contact us (502) 228-7717 today to learn more about our shingle roof services!

4 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Residential Roof

Our roofs are what protect us from the outside elements. Because it is such an important aspect or our homes, it is essential to have it replaced before it becomes too costly and damaging to our homes. While damages might not be apparent, it is important to know a few signs so you know when you need a residential roof replacement. Here are 5 signs that it’s time to replace your residential roof.

Damaged shingles that need residential roof replacement.

Your Roof is Older

Typically, a roof is supposed to last us 20-25 years. If your roof is over 25 years old, you might need a residential roof replacement.

Shingles Are Missing and Damaged

Our roof shingles are a big indicator of when to have a residential roof replacement. Here are a few signs you need to look out for: 1) There is an area of your roof where shingles are missing. 2) Your roof shingles are curling or clawing.

Flashing is Damaged

Flashing goes around the joints and edges of your roof. Flashing are either roof cement or tar or galvanized steel. Cement can wear away and steel can rust. It is important to have these in good condition or you’ll need a roof replacement.

Your Roof is Sagging or Drooping

A sagging roof can indicate that you have water damage. If you have severe water damage to your roof, you will need to get a roof replacement.

To ensure your Louisville, KY roof is always in good condition, it is important to have annual roof maintenance. If you need residential roof services, call the experts at Assurance Roofing at (502) 228-7717 today!

Gutter Guide

Maintaining the gutters on your roof is crucial to ensuring a healthy foundation and roof siding. Unfortunately, cleaning the gutters can fall by the wayside and cause damage that could have been prevented. Knowing when your gutter is clogged and how to clean it can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs and damage. Below is an essential gutter guide that will help protect your gutters in the long run.

Gutter Guide

What Are Some Sign That My Gutters Are Clogged:

  1. Animals are nesting in your gutters.
  2. Water falls from the sides of the gutter.
  3. Gutters are collapsing from the weight of water and debris.
  4. Water is not flowing off the roof.
  5. There are leaves and debris in the gutters.

There are more signs that your gutters are clogged, but those are the five most common. If you notice any of those things, it is time to clean your gutters out.

How to Clean Roof Gutters

It’s advised that you clean your gutters twice a year. Here are the steps you take to cleaning out your gutters:

  1. Wear gloves to protect your hands. You can also wear protective goggles and a face mask if you like.
  2. Use a sturdy ladder.
  3. Remove the gutter covers.
  4. You can either use your hands (if you’re wearing gloves) or a tool to scoop out the debris.
  5. Cleanse the gutters and make sure the water flows down the gutters.
  6. Make sure the spout isn’t clogged.

After all these steps, your gutters should be unclogged.

If you’re interested in seamless gutters or other gutter protection for your Louisville, KY home, call Assurance Roofing at (502) 228-7717 today!

Signs Of Siding Damage

Depending on what type of siding your home has, you will need to replace or repair your home’s siding at some point. Wood is most prone to damage, while vinyl can last 20 to 40 years. Bricks and stone will last much longer, as long as they are properly maintained. Here are some signs of siding damage to watch out for.

Increased Energy Bills

signs of siding damageHas your heating or cooling bill skyrocketed lately? If there are no discernible problems with your HVAC system or roof, the culprit could be your home’s siding or insulation. If water has damaged either of these, you may be losing a lot of heat through the walls of your house. Contact a professional to take a look and make sure you aren’t wasting energy and losing money.

Mold Or Fungus

A little mold or fungus growing on your siding is not always a problem. However, it can indicate that moisture is getting trapped. Take a closer look after cleaning it away to see if your have any water damage or moisture getting into your home.

Dry Rot

While water is one of the biggest threats to your siding’s integrity and lifespan, dry rot can also cause serious problems. If you have wood siding on your home, check regularly for dry rot by tapping the handle of a screwdriver or similar tool against your siding. Dry rot begins beneath the surface, so it is easy to overlook. If you find any dry rot, have your siding replaced immediately to prevent further damage.

Obvious Damage

Other signs of damage include holes, cracks, bubbles, tears, reeling, warped siding, and other obvious problems. If you see any of these signs of siding damage, call a professional to inspect your home. If you problem is serious or your siding is very old, your home may need to be re-sided.

Need siding repair or replacement in Louisville, KY? Call Assurance Roofing at (502) 228-7717 today and we’ll get your home fixed up in no time!

Winter Roof Maintenance

Ice DamsWaiting until winter weather arrives to find out that your roof needs repairs is no picnic. Inspecting your roof and having repairs done now, will eliminate the risk of dealing with leaks, water damage, and having to make repairs during the coldest months of the year.

Ice dams can cause a lot of trouble once snow and ice start building up on the roof. The dams start forming due to ice melting and the run off refreezes to the edges of the roof. This can create leaks and, depending on how strong the structure of the roof is, can cause the roof to collapse.

Check the gutters to make sure they aren’t clogged with leaves and other debris. Letting that stuff sit during the winter time, allows it to freeze, which means water can overflow onto the roof causing water damage.

Have your roof inspected for weak points and worn shingles. Having these repaired now will ensure your roof holds up well all winter long. A professional roof inspector will be able to find even the slightest indication of damage on your roof.

If you need your roof repaired in Louisville, KY, contact Assurance Roofing today for roof repair and maintenance services you can count on. Call (502) 228-7717 to talk to our roofing experts about the best options for your roof.

3 Common Fall Roofing Mistakes

As the leaves in Kentucky change colors and the temperatures drop, people want to begin their holiday preparations and enjoy the waning outdoor warmth. In the midst of this, many people make the mistake of forgetting to make sure their roofs are in top shape for the winter. Here are a few Louisville, KY fall roofing mistakes to avoid in the fall months to save yourself trouble during the winter.

fall roofing Louisville, KY

1. Forgetting to Clean the Gutters

Gutters work to protect the foundation of your home as well as the roof from water damage. When leaves fall from trees around the area, they get stuck in your gutters and can clog them. People who make the fall roofing mistake of forgetting to take care of their gutters typically pay for it later in roof repairs and even full gutter replacements! Make sure to trim back your trees to simplify gutter cleaning and get the cleaning out of the way before it gets too cold. Believe us, it’s worth the trouble.

2. Not Inspecting the Attic

You don’t have to face your fear of heights just to make sure your roof is intact. Many people make the mistake of forgetting to take a look at their attic in the fall. You may not realize that leaks and roof damage can actually be seen from the inside via the attic. Don’t forget to make sure your insulation is in good shape, as well. If you notice anything you think needs to be repaired, don’t make the mistake below!

3. Not Repairing Early

It’s easy to put home improvement and repairs on the back burner when there’s a lot going on. School is in full-swing this time of year, and full-time jobs make it hard to find time to hire a roofer for an inspection. However, it’s truly worth the time and money. Not repairing your roof early means you’ll be paying more for repairs or even full-scale replacements.

We at Assurance Roofing want to help make your Louisville, KY fall roofing experience easier. Call us now at (502) 228-7717 for roof maintenance and repairs!