4 Signs You Need Skylight Repair Service

There are so many things to love about having a skylight in your home. You can have a lot of natural lighting, you can still have the beauty of windows but with more privacy, and they can offer better energy efficiency. But like most things in our homes, we will need skylight repair eventually. Below are some signs that you need to get skylight repair service now.

The Skylight is Leaking

4 Signs You Need Skylight Repair Service

Find Out If You Need Skylight Repair!

The biggest indicator that you need repairs for your skylight is when you have leaks. The leaks can appear on the edges of the skylight or there can be leaks because of cracks in the skylight’s glass.

There Are Cracks in the Skylight

Cracks in the skylight can be due to a severe storm that has passed through or something fell on the skylight. With cracks comes leaks, so it’s important to have a cracked skylight fixed immediately.

The Skylight Has Some Discoloring

Usually, discoloring will appear around your skylight because leaks have left water damage in it’s place.

You Are Experiencing Excess Drafts in Your Home

Obviously, this could be due to other windows in your home, but our experts can take a look at your skylight and determine if there are any areas that aren’t sealed properly.

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