4 Signs Your Chimney Needs Repairs

4 Signs Your Chimney Needs Repairs

These Are The Signs Your Chimney Needs Repairs.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell just by looking at our chimney if it’s in bad condition.It’s something we accidentally ignore, assuming our chimney is always structurally sound. However, like a lot of home features, they can become worn and need repairs. But how can a homeowner determine if their chimney needs repairs? Below are seven signs your chimney needs repairs.

Rusted Areas

There should never, ever be rust on your chimney’s damper or firebox, but this is one of the signs your chimney needs repairs. Rust on the damper or firebox indicates there is too much moisture in your chimney.

Mortar Joints Are Damaged

The mortar joints can be located between the chimney masonry and can spell trouble if they are damaged. When the mortar joints have damaged, it can make the brick on the chimney more susceptible to moisture, which in turn can cause a lot of harm to the entire chimney.

Spalling Brick Issues

If you see fragments of the chimney masonry fall off the chimney, this is one of the signs your chimney needs repairs. When bits and pieces of masonry come of the chimney, this is called spalling. Spalling takes places when water penetrates into brick or other chimney material and causes the mortar to break apart.

Damage to the Chimney Crown

A chimney crown is a fundamental component of a chimney, ensuring that outside elements don’t enter the chimney. When a chimney crown becomes damaged due to cracking, water can get in, causing moisture inside the chimney.

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