3 Visible Signs of Water Damage on Your Roof

So far, this year’s stormy season has brought a lot of rain to many regions — and it’s only beginning! Rain damage can be sneaky, as it can soak through your shingles and onto the deeper roofing layers if it gets too wet. The good news is that there are signs of water damage that you can look for yourself.

Warped or Missing Shingles

Stand in front of your home and look up at your shingle roof. Missing shingles are a sure sign that there are areas where water can seep in. If your shingles look like they are curling up, or are starting to look uneven, water damage could be the culprit.

a picture of lightning during a thunderstormRust Near Gutters & Flashing

These metal roof components can rust over time, especially if they are old and have been exposed to a lot of storms through the years. Look at the places where metal meets your roof for rust and discolored shingles.

Structural Problems

Any areas where your roof is sagging could indicate a build-up of water, or a weakening of the materials involved. Pooling water will eventually cause wood rot, which requires replacement of the areas affected, if not a completely new roof.

Don’t let rain damage worry you, though. You have professionals on your side! Call us today to get a trained roofer out to inspect your roof.