3 Common Fall Roofing Mistakes

As the leaves in Kentucky change colors and the temperatures drop, people want to begin their holiday preparations and enjoy the waning outdoor warmth. In the midst of this, many people make the mistake of forgetting to make sure their roofs are in top shape for the winter. Here are a few Louisville, KY fall roofing mistakes to avoid in the fall months to save yourself trouble during the winter.

fall roofing Louisville, KY

1. Forgetting to Clean the Gutters

Gutters work to protect the foundation of your home as well as the roof from water damage. When leaves fall from trees around the area, they get stuck in your gutters and can clog them. People who make the fall roofing mistake of forgetting to take care of their gutters typically pay for it later in roof repairs and even full gutter replacements! Make sure to trim back your trees to simplify gutter cleaning and get the cleaning out of the way before it gets too cold. Believe us, it’s worth the trouble.

2. Not Inspecting the Attic

You don’t have to face your fear of heights just to make sure your roof is intact. Many people make the mistake of forgetting to take a look at their attic in the fall. You may not realize that leaks and roof damage can actually be seen from the inside via the attic. Don’t forget to make sure your insulation is in good shape, as well. If you notice anything you think needs to be repaired, don’t make the mistake below!

3. Not Repairing Early

It’s easy to put home improvement and repairs on the back burner when there’s a lot going on. School is in full-swing this time of year, and full-time jobs make it hard to find time to hire a roofer for an inspection. However, it’s truly worth the time and money. Not repairing your roof early means you’ll be paying more for repairs or even full-scale replacements.

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